The iNPLANT Funnel is the only True No-Touch Technique For Implant Delivery Devices​2

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The Difference is Clear

No-Touch Technique

The use of a funnel is proven to significantly reduce the incidence of reoperations due to capsular contracture

Closed End System

Reduces risk of dropping implant with less mess


GlideTrack makes it easier for insertion through the surgical incision. The patent pending design prevents upside-down implant delivery


Made without harmful chemicals

iNPLANT® Funnel

We Deliver Results™

The iNPLANT Funnel has an excellent safety protocol unlike any other. With a Level 3 study that retrospectively reviewed the surgical records of 380 consecutive patients (760 breasts) who underwent primary breast augmentation by 9 board -certified plastic surgeons using the iNPLANT Funnel for implant delivery. The results showed that the use of a funnel reduced infection rates to 0.26%, significantly below industry average.

Introducing the New V3 Inplant Funnel

V3 Inplant Funnel

Strong Vinyl
Easy Open
Lubricious Coating
Double Loading Capability
Closed End System

Our Competitors

Strong Vinyl
Easy Open
Lubricious Coating
Double Loading Capability
Closed End System

Learn How To Use The iNPLANT® Funnel

View the Step-by-Step process as we walk you through a standard Breast Augmentation Process utilizing the new INPLANT® Funnel.

Unfold the Funnel
Inject with Solution & Pull Perforated Tab
Insert Moistened Implant & Seal Funnel
Cut Opening To Size & Deploy The Implant


Does betadine make the funnel more lubricious?

Yes, adding betadine to the iNPLANT Funnel does make it more lubricious.

Does betadine help with the delivery of highly cohesive implants?

Yes, betadine makes the delivery of highly cohesive implants even easier.

Should I cut the funnel higher when using high profile or highly cohesive implants?

Yes, cutting the funnel higher than the indicated markings will make delivering high profile or highly cohesive implants easier.

Can I put two implants in my iNPLANT funnel?

Yes! Double loading is one of many benefits of using the iNPLANT Funnel.

iNPLANT Funnel Panel

Roy Kim, MD

Leonard Roudner, MD

Thomas Jeneby, MD

Aldo A Lombardo, MD

Frank L. Stile, MD

Jeff Healy, MD

Alfred Antonetti, MD

iNPLANT Funnel in Action

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